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MSM Jumps on Stem Cell Hype Scandal! Well, Not Really

Last week we were treated to a full fledged media frenzy about Advanced Cell Technology having derived embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos. Oops, it wasn’t true. Having been so badly taken in, one would think that the media would angrily expose the lying liars and the liars who lie about ESCR. Not a chance. Mostly, it has either continued the charade that a breakthrough occurred, as in yesterday’s Washington Post editorial. Or, it has quietly walked away from the story with nary an apology.

There are a few exceptions, such as this MSNBC on-line story that focuses on the business value to Advanced Cell Technology for its deception. But even this story doesn’t disclose that the experiment was not as described. Otherwise, not much. This is because the narrative the media is intent on telling is how the Bush stem cell funding policy is wrong. This story served the narrative. So what if it was factually inaccurate?


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