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MSM Now Reporting Hwang Fraud

The New York Times put Hwang on its front page today. That is good. The paper predictably covered the story following the general line taken by cloning advocates. The Washingto Post has another story as well, again by Rick Weiss. It ran on the San Francisco Chronicle’s front page.

These reporters and the analysis I read in the Times still are not asking the truly pertinent questions about how this happened. Nor are we yet seeing the skeptical and aggressive reportage that led to Hwang’s downfall in South Korea. They quote the editor of Science on the issue, which is fine, but they fail to note that he too has a lot of explaining to do, for example, why initially Science took the blame for publishing what turned out to be forged photographs, claiming the matter was a production problem within the journal.

This story should get much bigger. We’ll see if it will or whether the MSM will circle the wagons around therapeutic cloning. That’s my prediction.

I will have my own take on it in the next Weekly Standard and will post a few quotes here when it is out.


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