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My Bioethics Predictions for 2015

Each year, the Center for Bioethics and Culture asks me to predict the coming 12 months in bioethics. I have a very good record. For example, last year I made his prediction about Jahi McMath that some would have considered reckless, if not downright foolish. From, “Ready or Not: Here Comes 2015 in Bioethics:”

This is probably my best, most specific, and probably unexpected correctly made prognostication: I warned: “The Jahi McMath ‘brain dead’ controversy will continue.” And so it has. Jahi was moved from California to New Jersey. Contrary to the expectations of physicians, her brain did not liquefy, nor did her body shut down. Two noted neurologists have now said that Jahi no longer meets the criteria for brain death.​

Expect Jahi to be back in the news in 2015.

As for the rest of my predictions, I did pretty well. Hit the link above for the details.

I also predict the future in the article. Here is a sampling.

– The Canadian Supreme Court will impose a constitutional right to assisted suicide on the entire country,

– No state will pass assisted suicide into law in 2015.

– Experiments creating three-parent human embryos will begin.

– A British Columbia Court of Appeal will require nursing homes to starve patients to death who willingly eat, if they so instructed in an advance medical directive.

I hope I am correct about states and assisted suicide. I admit to feeling a bit wobbly.

Perhaps that is because I am increasingly pessimistic about the immediate future. The forces of the culture of death are on the march, supported by their camp propagandists the media.

But, ready or not–here 2015 comes. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it won’t be pretty.