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My A- Grade for 2013 Bioethics Predictions

Each year I predict the next year’s major occurrences in matters bioethical for the Center for Bioethics and Culture Usually, I am spot on and 2013 was no different–although not quite as prescient as in years past. 

I predicted, for example, that the Obama Administration would not give meaningful relief to religious organizations from the ACA’s contraception/sterilization mandate. Right. The issue is now at the Supreme Court.

I predicted that Vermont was the most likely state to legalize assisted suicide. Alas, true. 

I predicted that the British Columbia Court of Appeals would affirm a trial judge’s imposition of assisted suicide. Happily, that was my big mistake. The BC Court reversed.

Alas, the Canada Supreme Court took the case even though it ruled on the matter many years ago, meaning–well, I don’t want to get ahead of my predictions for this year.

I also predicted that there would be one unexpected issue in bioethics that would make big news. Right again. From, “My Predictions in Bioethics Right Again!”:

Finally, I predicted: An issue will arise in 2013 in bioethics that no one expected. Even I, your humble expert prognosticator will be surprised.

RIGHT! Several candidates present themselves, but I was most surprised by a law in Texas outlawing abortion after 20 weeks and requiring that abortionists have hospital privileges within 30 miles of the clinic. The bill not only passed, but was allowed to remain in effect pending litigation. As a consequence, Planned Parenthood closed 13 offices around the state—proving the lie to their claim to be mostly about providing basic health care for poor women. Now that surprised me!

Check out the rest of the article and you will learn not to doubt me in my bioethics Nostradamus mode.

Soon, I’ll tell you what’s coming in the next eleven months. It isn’t pretty my pretties. It isn’t pretty at all.