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My Weekly Standard Column on Hwang Fraud Now Available

The Weekly Standard has posted my piece in this week’s issue on the Hwang debacle on its Daily Standard site, so it is now available to non subscribers. Here is the link.

Since this was published, the independent investigation has concluded there were never any cloned embryonic stem cells. Still up in the air: Was Snuppy the cloned dog a product of somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning or merely embryo splitting? Did Hwang construct human cloned embryos in either 2004 or 2005? Virtually all of his other research claims were clearly lies. With such a history, I am betting he didn’t really clone embryos. Not sure about Snuppy.

If he got money for his research based on fraudulent assertions, he should go to jail. Morally, he deserves our scorn for promising a 12 year old child in a wheelchair that his research would allow him to walk. A man who would do that knowing he is a fraud would seem to have no conscience.


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