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National Civil Rights Group Opposes Assisted Suicide

The National League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)has voted to opposes assisted suicide and California’s AB 651 that would legalize Oregon-style medicalized killing.

Here is the gist of the press release from LULAC announcing its position:

“According to Angel G. Luévano, state director of California LULAC, the reasons for opposing doctor-assisted suicide go beyond moral and religious objections. ‘Latinos are the least likely to have medical insurance,’ says Luévano. ‘Many will say, ‘I don’t have the money and don’t want to be a financial burden to my family.’ Latinos will be the most likely to be steered into this option.’…

‘The Latino community doesn’t want assisted suicide. The disability community does not want assisted suicide. The poor and uninsured do not want assisted suicide. The majority of us are Democrats and we want our representatives to focus on issues like health care, education, and immigration rights – not assisted suicide,’ says Luévano.”

LULAC’s position reflects the beliefs of California’s Latinos, according to a recent poll. A recent survey of California Latinos, conducted in February, 2006 by the Democratic polling firm, Fairbanks, Maslin & Associate, found that 64 percent of Latinos oppose doctor-assisted suicide.