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New Assisted Suicide Push in CA

More corrupt legislating from the pro-death side. As usual.

Having lost fair and square in a California Assembly Committee, the suicide pushers have filed a new legalization bill–AB 15–for a special session intended to grapple with health care costs. 

Assisted suicide could definitely reduce costs, I guess: Killing is so much less expensive than caring.

Assisted suicide advocacy is about lying. Catch this bit of mendacity from the bill:

Aid-in-dying drug” means a drug determined and prescribed by a physician for a qualified individual, which the qualified individual may choose to self-administer to bring about his or her death due to a terminal disease.

No. The death would not be from any disease, but an overdose of drugs.

The committee has been re-jiggered to take the “no” votes away, I am told.  Can we say, stacked deck?

And the bill is on a very fast track. Can’t give people time to think or understand why assisted suicide is bad medicine and even worse public policy.

If this shameful machination works, I hope Jerry Brown remembers his service to the dying with Mother Theresa. She is definitely spinning in her grave.



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