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New Attempt to Impose Assisted Suicide by Court Fiat in Montana

Assisted suicide advocates are very directed. Kathryn Tucker, attorney for Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) tried and failed to obtain a U.S Supreme Court ruling creating a constitutional right to assisted suicide. That failed 9-0. Then, she tried in Florida, having a state constitutional right declared in the courts. That failed. Then, she tried in Alaska. That failed. Now, it is Montana with a court case coming next month. From the story:

A lawsuit to help terminally ill patients with the right to assisted death will go before a Montana judge next month. The suit was filed in October 2007 on behalf of two terminally ill patients, one from Billings and another from Livingston. Both want the right to die with dignity…
The complaint is based on rights guaranteed in the Montana Constitution, the right of privacy, individual dignity, due process, equal protection of the law and the right to seek safety, health and happiness in all lawful ways. Attorney Mark Connell of Missoula said it is the patient’s right to choose how and when they die, not the government’s right to forbid it.

That “news” story reads like it came off the Compassion and Choices press release, including the use of the euphemistic term “assisted death.” Par for the course.

I wrote a more detailed analysis of this suit when it was filed, including a prediction that this case would be forthcoming in the Weekly Standard, accessed here.