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NHS Meltdown: Blow the Whistle on Neglect of Elderly Patients–and You Take the Fall

Our world is so upside-down. A nurse secretly filmed terrible neglect of elderly UK hospital patients–and she is sanctioned for misconduct! From the story:

An undercover nurse who carried out secret filming to reveal the neglect of elderly patients on a hospital ward was found guilty of misconduct. The Nursing and Midwifery Council ruled that Margaret Haywood, 58, had prioritised the filming of the BBC Panorama programme and not fulfilled her obligations as a nurse.

The Undercover Nurse programme, screened in July 2005, showed poor conditions at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton. But chair of the panel, Linda Read, said that Ms Haywood “suspended her obligations … to protect and support the health of individual patients” by making the film.

No she embarrassed the powers that be who permitted the neglect in the first place. That will teach anyone who wants to tell the people of the UK how bad things are getting in their hospitals!

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