Human Exceptionalism

NHS Meltdown: Kidney Cancer Patient Have to Wait Months to Decide Whether They Can Receive New Chemotherapy

This is the way things go with socialized medicine. The health care rationers are going to take months to decide whether to cover a new chemotherapy. From the story:

Kidney cancer patients will have to wait months for the NHS drugs rationing body to decide if they can have new drugs after guidance was delayed.

In one of its most criticised decisions so far, the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said in draft guidance that patients with advanced kidney cancer should not receive new drugs that could extend their lives. During the consultation on the draft guidance new evidence has been submitted and now Nice has delayed issuing another draft until well into 2009.

Imagine yourself with the cancer having to wait until the big brained decide whether your quality of life is worth the money spent on extending your time on earth.

NICE is controlled by utilitarian bioethicists. This is our future too if we go down the same road. Frankly, utilitarian bioethicists are the last people I want in charge of my health care.