Human Exceptionalism

NHS Meltdown: Let the Privitization Begin

Facing the collapse of the socialized NHS, reformers in the UK have apparently decided to contract some hospital care to the private sector. From the story:

Private companies are to be drafted in to run failing NHS hospitals for the first time, under plans to be announced.Poor managers are to be sacked without receiving large payouts and replaced by staff from profit-making companies who would be paid with public money.

The NHS will retain ownership of hospital buildings and services but the private firm will “take over” the day to day running of the hospital. Ministers believe the proposals will drive up standards within the health service.

Well, this seems a step in the right direction. History has shown, I think, that all socialism all the time does not work. But then again, neither does all capitalism all the time. What is needed is a mix between private and public, with I think greater emphasis on the private. Finding the right balance, of course is easier said than done. And that will be a key issue in the upcoming campaign.