Human Exceptionalism

No Honor Among Human Cloners?

William Schatten and the disgraced Woo-suk Hwang from South Korea used to be bosom buddies. But then, Schatten jumped ship, Hwang sank deeper than the Titanic, and their entire partnership fell apart.

Schatten apparently has attempted to patent cloning technologies that Hwang claims he (Schatten) did not develop. (Schatten put his name on Hwang’s papers in Science even though he did not actually conduct the “research.”) Now, Hwang, who has been justifiably fired by his university, is asking for the rights to “his” technology back and plans to sue Schatten.

This isn’t the only story of cloners falling out and ethical problems associated with the research. Perhaps when an endeavor is attempted that is inherently wrong, it is demonstrated in ways beyond the actual research.


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