Human Exceptionalism

None Dare Call it Racism: Comparing African American Slaves to Animals

The KKK used to compare African Americans to animals. That was pure bigotry. I thought that was all in the past, but now it is the animal rights radicals that do it. The hyper radical Steven Best put it this way in an interview:

Stealing blacks from their native environment and homeland, placing chains around their bodies, shipping them in cramped quarters across the ocean for months with no regard for their suffering and death, branding their skin to mark them as property, auctioning them as servants and slabs of meat, separating family members from one another as they screamed in protest, breeding them for service and labor, exploiting them for profit, beating them out of hatred and anger, and killing them in huge numbers when they were no longer of service–all these horrors began with the human exploitation over animals and continue today, in even worse forms, in fur and factory farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, and other hell-holes where humans show animals no mercy…

Both racism and speciesism are born out of the need to maintain an economy and society rooted in bondage; only through slavery can the privileged–whether the white minority elite or the vast human populace in general–enjoy conveniences and live comfortable lives.

Human/animal comparisons are always odious. But to use the very imagery once used by the most vile racists–comparing a black human being to an animal–is beyond the pale.

Read the rest of the interview. It is a frenzy of anti-Westernism, anarchy, crazy analogies to ALF and Martin Luther King (as if he ever burned down a building), and Gandhi. All the evil in the world flows from animal husbandry! Frankly, Best pours forth in such a venomous rant,that it’s not only very scary, it’s nuts.