Human Exceptionalism

A Note About Commenting on Secondhand Smoke

I have heard from some people who have complained that they can’t comment here at Secondhand Smoke. That is because to do so, one needs to be a registered user of Blogger. I have checked to see if there is a way around that requirement and have been told that to permit non Blogger users to comment would also mean permitting anonymous posting. I would prefer not to permit that as I have seen where it can lead. Indeed, I have been quite impressed with the general high level of comment, and believe that is partially due to people having to, in some measure, identify themselves. Thus, since it seems clear to me that the status quo helps to promote quality and civil discourse, and reduces my need to police the site, I have decided to maintain matters as they are.

If someone would like to comment but not register with Blogger, I can be e-mailed at the link on the page. I may or may not post the note here, but I will read it. Posted comments from private e-mailers will be anonymous and subject to my editing.

Thanks one and all for visiting Secondhand Smoke.