Human Exceptionalism

Note to Certain Commenters–I Am Out of Patience

I have repeatedly asked some of you to please not bring up irrelevancies or, in particular, non sequitur snide references to religion. I will no longer edit such comments. I don’t have the time. I have commenced trashing them.  If the offenses  continue, I will blackball the commenter without bothering to read the comments.

I welcome opposing comments to my perspectives.  Indeed, they help make SHS a better place and challenge my own thinking, which I appreciate. But there are plenty of people who engage respectfully, relevantly, and forcefully, without offending my basic and easy to follow ground rules.  I don’t mind sharp elbows, particularly when they are poked into my ribs. But, I don’t have the time to teach preschool.  Those who just want to lash out, please feel free to start your own blog or go elsewhere to work out your obsessions. You are not going to do it here.