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Obamacare: Charge of the Light Brigade?

Even as President Obama throttles down, trying to ram the presidential limo through the public opinion blockade erected by a huge majority of the people, the barricade is growing. A new CNN poll finds that only 25% of those polled want Obamacare to pass.  That’s a debacle for a man elected to be a persuasive star, helped along by thuggery and back room deals from Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.  The result is abysmal any way you look at it.  From the poll:

Feb. 12-15/ 2010

Pass similar bill                                       25%

Start work on new bill                           48%

Stop working on health care                25%

Obama has become a mediocre president pushing an unpopular bill down the throats of  an unwilling people.  Not exactly the way to become that transformational figure everyone was talking about.