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Obamacare: Majority Want to Pursue Different Approach

The Washington Examiner reported today, as noted here, that Obamacare is officially dead.  Other news outlets have merely said it is is dying, with life support soon to be removed.  Whichever it is, the people clearly want to go in a different direction.

As an illustration, Gallup has a poll headline, “Majority Favors Suspending Work on Healthcare Bill,” that seems a bit, if unintentionally, misleading. The majority doesn’t want to pursue Obamacare as currently proposed, true.  But that isn’t the same thing as suspending work on reform, as indicated by the question asked by the pollsters. From the poll:

What do you think President Obama and the Democrats in Congress should do now concerning a health care reform bill–should they continue to try and pass the healthcare bill now being worked out by Democrats in the House and Senate (39%) or suspend work on the current healthcare bill the House and Senate are working on and consider alternative bills that can receive more Republican support (56%)?

The Obamacare political debate is over, with the societal hegemonists once again–as in Hillarycare–having lost the debate.  But that shouldn’t be the end of it.  Our representatives should heed this poll and get to work on targeted fixes.  If they don’t, if our current governors just call it a day, it will confirm an as yet unproved suspicion in my mind that the leaders of the Democratic Party wanted a health care takeover to gain control over most aspects of our lives more than they wanted to fix what is actually broken.