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Obamacare Ruling Will Make Law More Popular

Whether one agrees or disagrees with my take on things, I don’t think there can be any dispute about my skill as a prognosticator. I tend to see how things will play out in the future very well.  Here’s another small prediction I posted over at The Corner:

I think there is a lot of whistling past the graveyard going on among conservatives who think that Obamacare is really in the political crosshairs now, and indeed, could lead to the defeat of the president’s reelection effort. I worry that the opposite is true. Sure, opponents who care a lot about the constitutionality and policy propriety of the ACA are very upset and motivated to defeat the president. But they already were. For the relatively uninvolved, the message of the Roberts ruling, despite the justice’s protests to the contrary, is that Obamacare is A-okay. That will increase the law’s popularity — just as Roe v. Wade did with abortion.  Alas.


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