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Obamacare: Still Unpopular in Polls–So is POTUS

Let’s see: Nancy Pelosi has an 11% approval rating, and Harry Reid a whopping 9%.  It’s not a coincidence that they are the prime architects of Obamacare.  But the president isn’t faring so well, either. He got a small bump in all the media cheer leading, but his approval average barely exceeds his disapproval over at Real Clear Politics–47.1-46.7.  I think his fall from polling grace surely caused, to a significant extent, by the health care bill.  Over at, the story is almost identical–only more disapprove than approve–47.1, approve, versus 47.7 turning thumbs down.  One year in, that ain’t good.

More to the point of Obamacare, indicates that the plan isn’t growing warmer in the cockles of people’s hearts in the way supporters thought it would. The average support for Obamacare is 40% while 50% on average oppose–with the disapprove growing again in recent days, with the exception of Gallup.  Some polls’ approval still in the 30s.

That means there is a real opportunity to undo the dastardly deed.  Whether that will remain true in the coming months, of course, remains to be seen.  But opponents are not just going to take this and move on, nor with the American people still against the new law, should they.

Repeal, reform, replace.