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Ontario MDs Reject Hippocrates for Kevorkian

First the Canadian Supreme Court imposes the world’s most radical right to be made dead by euthanasia policy in the world as a Charter right.

The Liberal Parliament is now in the process of legislating euthanasia legalization, and has narrowed the “right” a bit, for example, requiring that death be “foreseeable.” That’s amazingly loose, but whatever pretense helps you get through the night.

But even that very open license is too narrow for the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons–which infamously wants every doctor forced by law to be complicit in killing patients. From the Waterloo Region Record story:

Canada’s largest medical regulatory authority is warning that most or all doctors in some Ontario communities could be disqualified from approving requests for a medically assisted death under the federal government’s proposed new law.

The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons issued the warning Tuesday even as the Liberal government of Ontario threw its support behind the restrictive approach to assisted death taken in the proposed law…

The province’s college of physicians told a Senate committee that some of the safeguards the government wants to impose are so stringent they will prevent many otherwise eligible patients from accessing an assisted death. 

It is a very alarming day when a medical association is so into the killing agenda that it wants a radical legislative proposal to go even further!

Hippocrates? To hell with him. We want to be Kevorkians!

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