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Optimistic Update on Robert Schindler’s Condition

Bobby Schindler reports some good news about his father: Bob has fully stabilized and he is being transferred today from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. Bob experienced no cognitive deficiencies from his strokes, but does need to work on regaining full physicality. The doctors are optimistic that he will do well.

Bobby wants everyone to know how much it has meant that so many people have sent cards and e-mails wishing Bob the best. They have made a real difference and lifted Bob’s spirits tremendously. “Our family really appreciates the support and prayers we have received,” Bobby told me. “It has all been very touching.”

Bob still has a tough row to hoe, so keep those cards and letters coming. You can write a note of support to:

Robert Schindler, c/o

The Terri Schiavo Foundation

5562 Central Ave. # 2

St. Petersburg. FL



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