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Oregonian: Maynard Dies by Lethal Overdose

According to the Oregonian, it appears that Brittany Maynard ingested the poison prescribed by a doctor as allowed in Oregon law. Final verification is pending.

I know that I am supposed to keep quiet and simply offer condolences. Frankly, I doubt her family would want them from me–given how her illness and death were politicized in the cause of using our great empathy for her to demolish laws against doctor-prescribed death and my implacable opposition to that dark agenda.

But, of course, I am saddened. Who wouldn’t be? Her cancer and death, if the report is accurate, are a terrible tragedy. I wish her husband, family, and friends nothing but the best.

Expect suicide advocates to now use her death to stoke emotions even higher around the assisted suicide debate. But emotionalism is the last approach that should be taken in pondering such a radical, culturally transforming agenda and the threat legalized assisted suicide poses to the most weak and vulnerable among us.

Assuming the report is true, given who they are, it wouldn’t surprise me if Compassion and Choices holds a press conference announcing they video-taped the death for public airing. That’s the kind of thing assisted suicide/euthanasia promoters have been doing since Jack Kevorkian took his lethal injection of Thomas Youk to 60 Minutes. I hope I am mistaken.

I am sure there will be much talk about this going forward. But for now, I will shut up. 


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