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Pamela Winnick Getting Action Against “Dr Death”

Regular readers of Secondhand Smoke will recall the trouble that author Pamela Winnick and her family were having with a few physicians they named collectively “Dr. Death,” who kept trying to pressure them into “pulling the plug” on her father. Here is the latest update from Pamela, reported here with her permission:

“Wes, you’ll be happy to know that I just got a call from the head of ethics at [name omitted] Hospital re my piece in the WSJ. He’s conducting a full investigation. The residents in question are being identified, reprimanded–and possibly fired. He’s very serious about this and said they violated hospital policy. My father is within days of dying now, but it’s the right way.

Thanks for all your help. pam”

Our sympathies to Pamela’s family and our gratitude to them for defending the value of her father’s life. There is a huge difference between dying when one’s time has come, and being pushed out of the lifeboat.