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Penn and Teller Take Down PETA

I would normally post a video as effective as this one is at deconstructing PETA directly from YouTube onto Secondhand Smoke. But the title contains an epithet, and I couldn’t sanitize it here on the site no matter how hard I tried. Penn also has several foul mouthed moments, of which I disapprove both as crude and unnecessary in public advocacy. So, I decided to just link it.

In the video (which I think came from a Showtime special), Penn and Teller–clad head to toe in leather–demonstrate vividly that PETA in general, and its alpha wolf, Ingrid Newkirk in particular, are more anti-human than about being nice to animals. It’s all there: PETA’s high kill rate of “rescued” dogs and cats, puppies and kittens; its attempts to impede medical research, and the organization’s financial support of animal rights terrorists.

Penn Jillette is a radical libertarian, and I am sure he would also have some choice words for the positions espoused here at Secondhand Smoke. But that’s okay. He and his silent partner have done a service by presenting such a hard hitting video. If you don’t mind a few unnecessary “F-words” tossed about, it is definitely worth seeing.


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