Human Exceptionalism

Persona Non Grata People May Hold Key to Cance Cure

Well this is ironic: People with Down syndrome–against whom a concerted pogrom is being waged to wipe off the face of the earth via genetic testing and eugenic abortion or infanticide–may hold the key to an effective treatment for cancer. From the story:

Scientists may have solved the mystery of why people with Down’s syndrome seem to have a lower risk of some cancers.

The extra copy of chromosome 21 which causes Down’s appears to contain a gene that protects from solid cancerous tumours, tests on mice suggest. The gene seems to interfere with signals a tumour relies on to grow. The finding raises hope of new ways to prevent and treat cancer.

At least some catch an important ancillary point to this story:

Writing in the journal, the researchers, led by Dr Sandra Ryeom, said: “It is, perhaps, inspiring that the Down’s syndrome population provides us with new insight into mechanisms that regulate cancer growth and, by so doing, identifies potential targets for tumour prevention and therapy.”

Will that slow down our drive to identify and destroy these precious human beings before they can be born? Not a chance. We talk a good game of “diversity,” but we don’t really mean it.

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