Human Exceptionalism

PETA Makes Itself Ridiculous

PETA is (I believe) the world’s largest and richest animal rights/liberation organization. They key to PETA’s success has been its clever strategy of suckering people into thinking it is merely a benign “be nice to animals” organization, when in fact, it is radically committed to the misanthropic ideology of animal liberation. I believe many people support PETA because they don’t fully understand that PETA’s leaders and most radical followers believe fervently in an absolute moral equality between fauna and people. Hence, to animal liberationists of this stripe, cattle ranching is as odious as slavery and medical research using animals is Mengele.

Too many people don’t take PETA sufficiently seriously because some of its protest tactics are whacky and funny, such as the “running of the nudes” to protest the running of the bulls in Spain. But sometimes, its leaders forget that the world doesn’t think like they do, and they drop their masks long enough for all to see the lunacy beneath. This story is one such case. Apparently, PETA includes insects in its quest for moral equality between humans and all animals. The group is protesting Six Flags Halloween “eat a roach” contest as “gratuitously cruel” to the cockroaches.

This is not a big deal in the scheme of things. But sometimes small deals cast needed light upon areas of important concern. Protesting the eating of insects demonstrates that PETA is essentially a ridiculous organization that should be relegated to the fringes of society rather than being treated as a serious organization with a respectable point of view.