Human Exceptionalism

Philadelphia Inquirer Reports on ACT Deception

Credit where credit is due. Of course, a mainstream bioethicist, David Magnus, twists this into a call for destroying the Bush funding policy.

Note the consistency: When Wu suk Hwang claimed to have cloned human embryos and derived stem cells, the bioethicists claimed this was proof of the harm being done to American science by the Bush policy, since it meant we were falling behind. Never mind that the Bush policy was about the use of leftover IVF embryos, not cloning. Then, when Hwang was exposed as a charlatan and a fraud, the bioethicists claimed that had the Bush policy not been in existence, such frauds would not be carried out because Americans would have ethically created cloned stem cells.

Now, when ACT dissembles and Nature apparently did too in its original press release, somehow, it is again George Bush’s fault. These people need a new script.


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