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Philip Nitschke Strikes it Rich to Promote the Culture of Death

What greater proof that euthanasia and assisted suicide are an elite agenda than the millions that have been poured into the coffers of advocates by the likes of the George Soros and the Tides Foundations to groups such as Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society). Initiative 1000 in Washington State already has hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from large donations from assisted suicide PACs–and that is before the Grand-Canyon deep pockets of former Governor Booth Gardner are slapped on the table to buy his proposed law legalizing assisted suicide in Washington State.

But this is beyond the pale: Australian “Dr. Death” Phillip Nitschke has called for a suicide pill to be made available to troubled teens, he has concocted a “peaceful pill” for people to kill themselves with, and was involved in the assisted suicide death of Nancy Crick, who he claimed was terminally ill from cancer, but was no such thing–a lie he later admitted cheerfully having told–and more recently was involved in the suicide of a depressed woman who was not physically ill. And what is his reward? He is left $5 million to promote euthanasia from a former official. From the story:

Leading euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke says a $ 5 million bequest from former Brisbane lord mayor Clem Jones to promote the legalisation of euthanasia will give the issue greater legitimacy in Australia. Dr Nitschke, director of Exit International, said the donation was “by far the biggest” to the cause in Australia of which he had heard. “We are heartened by the donation,” Dr Nitschke said. “Not only the large amount of money, but because it was (given) by someone who commanded a great deal of respect…it will give this issue a degree of legitimacy.”

The reason, apparently, was a difficult death of his wife:

“I saw Sylvia suffer the most dreadful agony from disease and illness that destroyed her physically and mentally and caused her to suffer, day after day, not only the pain but also the indignity of being something that could not truly be described as a human being,” the will said.

“I do not, of course, criticise the splendid endeavours that the medical fraternity make to preserve the quality of human life, but when that quality falls to a level where life is one of pain and suffering–or when one’s mind can no longer function–those self-same medical practitioners should have the right and the responsibility of releasing persons from that torture, misery and indignity.”

We have all seen beloved family members suffer. My uncle died of Alzheimer’s and it was very difficult for all of us who loved him dearly. But euthanasia is not the answer, it is not the solution, it is not the overcoming of disease and disability. Rather, it is total surrender to them, it is the abandonment of the most vulnerable among us to killing over caring, it is to claim that some human beings have lives not worth living or protecting. And believe me, I have known ill and disabled people who are receiving that very message from society loud and clear.

A lot of people fit into the categories the late Mayor would consign to a killable caste. And his apparent indifference to the utter subversive philosophy of Nitschke and the man’s disgraceful past conduct is shameful. If his $5 million obtains what Nitschke has repeatedly and explicitly advocated–death on demand–we will have lost the right to call ourselves a moral society. <a href="