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Phillip (“Dr. Death”) Nitschke Now in Trouble in New Zealand

In the summer of 2001, I toured Australia criticizing the “Down Under” Dr. Death (Phillip Nitschke) for his advocacy of assisted suicide, even for troubled teens. It was one of my most successful advocacy ventures. For two weeks I was at the epicenter of a media firestorm, resulting ultimately in the government taking notice and getting involved. Soon after my visit, it banned the importation of suicide devises, which stopped Nitschke from bringing the “Exit Bag” into Australia for use in suicide.

That started a ball rolling. One thing led to another (without my involvement), and eventually Nitschke was put out of business in Australia. So, he moved to New Zealand where he hoped to find a more “anything goes” environment in which to conduct his how-to-commit-suicide clinics and euthanasia advocacy.

Apparently he misjudged New Zealand. He may be in trouble for practicing medicine without a license.


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