Human Exceptionalism

Pictures From Italy

Secondhand Smokette once insisted that I “get a hobby” so that I would find ways to relax. I began to shoot photographs. Here are a few I am pleased with from our recent sojourn in Italy that I share for your (I hope) enjoyment.

This is a shot in Rome taken from just above the Forum to some buildings in the sunset:

The glory that was Rome:

Here’s a picture of a fruit stand near the Forum as darkness fell. I like the rich colors.

I am fascinated with the textures of rich store displays, which I consider “temporary art.” This furniture store in Rome, shot through the window at night with the flash off, is a case in point:

This is a picture taken from inside St. Peter’s out through a window that shows Christ from the back in a nice silhouette.

Debra and I have an affinity for this 2500-year-old Etruscan cremation urn that depicts a married couple who seem (like us occasionally) to be bickering. The urn is on display in a museum in the Tuscan hill town of Volterra.

This is the Volterra Cemetery. The flowers are faux and at night the place is entirely lit with small electric lights so that it appears that a candle burns in front of every grave. Both effects are very touching.

In a word: Venice.