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Pro Life Activist Murdered While Protesting

A pro life activist who routinely held up photos of aborted fetuses as a form of protest has been repeatedly shot and murdered. From the story:

OWOSSO, Michigan — State police at the Corunna post have confirmed a well-known anti-abortion activist was shot multiple times and killed this morning in front of Owosso High School.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released but the shooting occurred around 7:30 a.m., after most students were off the buses and safely inside the building, said Owosso schools transportation supervisor Jayne Campbell. State police also confirmed that a suspect was taken into custody about 8:15 a.m. at the suspect’s home.

If–of course, it isn’t yet knownthis heinous crime was about abortion, it is as much a hate act as the killing of George Tiller.  Questions: Will the media make as big a deal of this murder as it did appropriately in the Tiller case? I predict no.  Will the pro choice movement be asked to account for the killing of a pro lifer as the pro life movement was about Tiller–neither of which crime was the fault of political advocates–again, I predict no.  Indeed, pains will be taken to (correctly) demonstrate that the killing had nothing to do with the pro choice movement, while at the same time, this murder will be distinguished from the shooting of abortion doctors, crimes in which the pro life movement will still be accused of moral complicity.

If I am correct in these prognostications–and I hope I am not–it is just another example of the rank double standards that afflict the media specifically and apply in this society generally.