Human Exceptionalism

Pushing Sex Selection as Part of Abortion Right

I have noted often that creating the abortion license also led to a perceived fundamental right to not only have a baby, but the baby one wants.  And some have said I was nuts, but can there be any real doubt that abortion  helped turn procreation into a consumer activity and undermined unconditional love of offspring? And now, sex selection is being pushed as a “right,” precisely because killing fetuses is a perceived right. From “Sex Selection fo Fetuses is a Parental Right:”

[I]f the arguments for reproductive freedom are strong enough to justify preventing or terminating a pregnancy, then surely they’re strong enough to justify women choosing the sex of the children they will raise. If compared, it’s rather easy to see that the arguments made in support of sex selection are essentially identical to those made in defense of abortion.

Never doubt me! I found this article on Real Clear Science.  But science has nothing to do with it.  This is just garbage ethics, which is what happens when you reject human exceptionalism, which sex selection by definition, does.


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