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Quebec Doctors are Veterinarians Now

Quebec legalized euthanasia last year, euphemistically called “aid in dying,” which is NOT restricted to the terminally ill (why would it be?), with mandated complicity that no Quebec MD can avoid due to the referral requirement.

The state–which pays to kill its citizens–has now handed out “standard euthanasia kits” to all of the province’s doctors. From the National Post story:

Quebec doctors will soon be given standardized kits with which to end the lives of patients seeking euthanasia — including drugs to calm the nerves and stop the breathing — along with detailed instructions as the province prepares to usher in legalized aid in dying.

The Collège des médecins du Québec has developed a new guideline for doctors unlike any in the history of Canadian medicine: a step-by-step guide to follow before, during and after administering euthanasia to an eligible patient, including the type of drugs to be used, the dose, the injection site and what to do in the event of complications.

Next year, all Canada doctors will be required to euthanize in a court-invented and imposed “Charter right” even more radical than Quebec’s.

This is a monstrous betrayal of everything medicine is supposed to be about. 

Quebec’s doctors are all veterinarians now.



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