Human Exceptionalism

Radical Environmentalism: Catechizing the Children

This is anecdotal, but  worth retelling.  A trustworthy FOSHS (Friend of Secondhand Smoke) sent me this email about what happened when his 4-year-old nephew saw some people digging with shovels in the mountains:

Just got back from camping up at Donner Lake with my extended family.  We were pulling into rent some jet skis and canoes when all of the sudden my four year old nephew starts screaming  to my brother about some CA Conservation Corps workers digging with some shovels and wheel barrows.  “Daddy, daddy, look, they are hurting the earth.  They aren’t supposed to do that.”  I think he added the words, “They are hurting the earth!” again.  I asked him where he got that.  He goes to an Episcopalian Preschool down near where he lives in [town deleted].   That was a stunner.

Good grief.  That poor kid is being indoctrinated.  I would be interested if any other readers have similar stories.


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