Human Exceptionalism

RIP: Mother Who Cared for Her Unconscious Daughter for 38 Years

This is all the Schiavos wanted to do for Terri but were prohibited in an egregious injustice; take care of their daughter for as long as she or they lived. Kaye Obara loyally and lovingly cared for her daughter Edwarda for 38 years. From the story:

She never broke her promise. Kaye O’Bara, who pledged never to leave her then-teenage daughter’s side as the girl slipped into a diabetic coma 38 years ago, died at her Miami Gardens home this week–in the same room she shared with her child, Edwarda, since 1970.

O’Bara, 80, died in her sleep. She had suffered for years from a cardiac illness that dated back to a heart attack in the early 1980s, said her niece, Pamela Burdgick…

Edwarda’s younger sister, Colleen O’Bara, says the family will continue to care for her in the Miami Gardens home. “We never thought of it as a hardship. It just didn’t seem out of the ordinary,” said Colleen, who said she shared in her parents’ hope that her sister would “one day just wake up.

These are the people we should emulate. These are the people who should be considered truly compassionate. These are the people who show us the power and magnificence of unconditional human love.

HT: Judy Dobson