Human Exceptionalism

Robert Novak Column on Talent Bonehead Cloning Move

Columnist Robert Novak is not only a smart pundit, but an excellent journalist. This article on Senator Jim Talent’s speech removing himself from sponsoring the Brownback/Landrieu Bill that would outlaw all human cloning, mirrors my sentiments. But Novak’s opinions are far more informed.

He also reports that the Stowers Institute is threatening to pull up stakes and leave Missouri for Los Angeles if MO does not guarantee the right to engage in human cloning. As I have been saying: The Biomedical Establishment seems less about serving society these days, and more about dominating it.

I mean, can anyone imagine the media outcry if some “conservative” financial powerhouse threatened to leave a state if that state did not tailor its laws on demand? The howls would be deafening. But if its cloning, the media are good little puppies, licking the hand of their masters.


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