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San Francisco to Pay For Sex Change Surgery

I bring this up not to discuss transsexuals, but as an illustration of where Obamacare will inevitably take us.  From the Fox News story:

The city’s Health Commission voted Tuesday to create a program for treating transgender people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities. San Francisco already provides transgender residents with hormones, counseling and routine health services. However, Public Health Director Barbara Garcia said Thursday it has stopped short of offering surgical interventions.

The idea of offering a new program featuring surgeries came out of conversations between public health officials and transgender rights advocates who wanted mastectomies, genital reconstructions and other surgeries that are recommended for some transgender people covered under San Francisco’s 5-year-old universal health care plan.

Once the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco-based Transgender Law Center urged for changed, the commission agreed to drop this week sex reassignment surgery from the list of procedures specifically excluded from the Healthy San Francisco Plan.

Eventually with Obamacare, we will see the same thing happen on a national basis–a Free Sex Change Rule, if you will. Here’s why: Centralized health care is politicized health care. Thus, the Free Birth Control Rule was promulgated to reward an important Obama political constituency and help serve as a foundation for the planned reelection “War on Women” lie.  Moreover, it has become a powerful sword in the administration’s very real War on Religion that seeks to shrivel freedom of religion into a highly constrained “freedom of worship.”

More: California is a major artery of US politics, and California politics are controlled by San Francisco, even over areas such as LA with much higher populations. This isn’t by accident. I live in the Bay Area, and believe me, the people here are cultural hegemonists, profoundly intolerant of those who hew to more traditional values, and intent on fundamentally transforming the values of the entire country.  

Lest you doubt me, SF politicians are now in complete control of the state:

  • Our governor (Jerry Brown) is a San Franciscan and made his political comeback as mayor of Oakland.

  • Our Lt. Governor is Gavin Newsom, the former SF mayor who started marrying same sex couples setting off the Proposition 8 mess.

  • Our attorney general is Kamala Harris, former SF DA, a hard leftist and brilliant politician with a huge national poetical future, perhaps even Eric Holder’s successor.

  • Both California senators come from San Francisco.

  • And who can forget Nancy Pelosi?

  • The most influential members of California’s increasingly radical legislature are from the Bay Area.  

In other words, “San Francisco values” often become “America’s values.” Or to borrow from a famous commercial phrase: What happens in San Francisco doesn’t stay in San Francisco. Unless Obamacare is fundamentally transformed and decentralized–still possible, I think–that will eventually include public funding of sex change surgeries.

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