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Senate Passes Umb. Cord Blood Stem Cell Bill!

I just received this press release put out by Senator Sam Brownback’s Office:

“Late this Friday evening, Democrat proponents of destructive human embryonic stem cell research have lifted their hold/objections to passage of the Cord Blood bill-the “Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act of 2005” (H.R.2520/S.1317). Following this, the Senate just proceeded to pass this legislation by Unanimous Consent.

This is an amazing break-through for all Americans. As Sen. Brownback noted on the Senate Floor last night, holding this bill was cruel for thousands of patients who could start receiving treatments and benefits immediately upon enactment of the National Cord Blood Bank, which would be established by this bill…

Last night in objecting to this bill, Sen. Harkin falsely argued that embryonic stem cells would treat people now if only there was ‘better’ funding for such human-destructive research. The truth is that embryonic stem cell research is already very well-funded and has been for years, but as the prestigious journal Science noted on June 17, 2005: “It is nearly certain that the [human] clinical benefits of the [embryonic stem cell] research are years or decades away. This is a message that desperate families and patients will not want to hear.”

Tonight’s Senate action on Cord Blood ends what amounted to a 7 month filibuster by proponents of destructive human embryonic stem cell research and cloning. (The bill was passed on May 24, 2005 by a vote of 434-1 in the House.) This should be greatly celebrated, and it is a wonderful achievement in ending the unneeded politicization of Cord Blood. Now, the bill (H.R.2520) will go to the House for passage and then to the President. The bill could become law as early as next week.”


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