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Seoul Times on Hwang Fraud

There were no embronic stem cells made through cloning, as claimed by Hwang in his fraudulent 2005 paper in Science. None. This probably means he also fraudulently claimed to have created an embryonic stem cell line from cloned embryos in 2004. Still unknown, but increasingly unlikely, whether he created true human cloned embryos at all.

A lot of people besides Hwang have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. Here is the latest article.

Question: Will the media finally begin to show some healthy skepticism toward the claims of Big Biotech and its allies about cloning and embryonic stem cell research? Will they wonder whether it is really true that embryonic sources offer the “best” opportunities for regenerative medicine? Will they begin to challenge the Science Establishment’s claims in as vigorous a fashion as they do those of other powerful institutions?

Answer: No.


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