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Shame on Drudge for “Dwarf Pimp” Story

This is such a non story in the broader scheme of things, that there seems no reason for it to be spotlighted on the world’s premier news clearing house–the Drudge Report. A 15 year-old girl was apparently being pimped in New York. What a shock! It is awful, but alas, it–and far worse–happen every day.

So, why is this particular story about the arrest of an alleged pimp on the Drudge Report? Because the girl is underage? Hardly. The alleged pimp is diminutive. Thus, Drudge’s headline screams:”

Dwarf Accused Of Pimping Runaway Teenager In NYC…

What does the accused’s stature have to do with anything? Drudge’s headline is a throwback to the old “freak” show mentality that once so oppressed people with disabilities. I thought we’d grown past such nonsense. But apparently Drudge believes such a headline will get him hits. But that’s no excuse for highlighting a matter that is utterly irrelevant to the actual story about the abuse of an underage girl.

How’s this for a Drudge-style post: Shame! World’s Most Powerful News Clearinghouse Accused of Outrageous Pandering to Prejudice in Headline

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