Human Exceptionalism

SHS a True International Community

I just did a little research on where SHS’s 30,000 visits each month (and slowly going up) come from. Most, not surprisingly, come from the good ol’ USA. But I am very gratified to learn that people come here literally from all over the world. In the last month, f0r example, 583 visits came from Australia. We had 86 visits from China, 31 from Argentina, 91 from South Africa, 163 from India, 2169 from Canada, and 1 from Kazakhstan. We had 12 visitors from Vietnam, 113 from Brazil, 9 from Nigeria, 205 from France, and 1 from Greenland. In fact, there are only about 20 countries in the world, most in sub Saharan Africa, from where we received no visitors in the last 30 days.

I am most pleased: Danke, gracias, arigato gozaimashita , merci, xie xie, thanks y’all.