Human Exceptionalism

Somebody Called “Punkass” Hates my Starbuck’s Coffee Cup

I seem to have stirred up some angry–I don’t know how to label them, nihilists? anarchists?–by claiming on my Starbuck’s coffee cup (“The Way I See It” campaign, scroll to Cup # 127) that the question of the 21st Century is whether all human life will be considered equal simply and merely because it is human. My apology on behalf of intrinsic human value has some bloggers worrying about theocracy and digging into my other work, as in this blog, which creates other fictional cups based on some of the things I have written, which I take it, he also doesn’t like. I am flattered, I guess. But for some reason, these bloggers don’t (can’t?) grapple with my ideas, so they rant about creationism and theocracy–as if only religious people believe in human equality. Oh, well. As they might say: Whatever.

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