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Spain Preparing to Legalize Euthanasia?

I have been waiting for this: Spain’s government may be the most radical in the free world, controlled as it is by Socialists and Greens. It is personalizing fauna by preparing to legalize the Great Ape Project, and has pursued other agendas on the progressive agenda with vigor. Yet, so far, no legalization of euthanasia. That appears poised to change. From a brief story from the Catholic News Agency:

The Minister of Justice in Spain, Mario Fernandez Bermejo, received the members of the organization, Right to Die with Dignity, in a meeting and vowed to meet the demands of their group dedicated to promoting euthanasia and suicide.

Although the meeting did not end with a concrete agreement, the Minister published a statement in which he remarked that the board is concerned that those with terminal illnesses have a dignified end to their lives and assured that the government is in “a period of deep thought” regarding palliative care.

In the meeting, the coordinator of the association, César Caballero requested the government of Spain “make euthanasia and assisted suicide possible to those with terminal illnesses who have made the requests in advance.”

The irony, of course, is that euthanasia are decidedly illiberal and anti-progressive–as the splendid book Liberalism’s Troubled Search for Equality, by Robert P. Jones makes very clear.

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