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Spanish Animal Rights Activists Go Nude to Protest Canadian Seal Hunt

What is it with animal rights activists and nudity? Spanish liberationists have gone naked to protest a Canadian seal hunt. From the story:

Around 100 people stripped naked and lay on the ground in a central Madrid square on Sunday as part of an international day of protest against Canada’s annual seal hunt, due to resume next month. The members of animal rights group Equanimal smeared themselves in red liquid to signify a “massacre” of seals by Canada, where the annual seal hunt is due to resume in April. Some wore red underwear, others were totally nude. “We want to sensitise people to the fact that animals are capable of feeling and suffering like us, and to protest against the massacre of hundreds of thousands of seals which is about to begin in Canada,” said spokeswoman Silvia Toval

No. That’s a protest that will have zero impact on the Canadian hunt. This is about gaining attention in a sophomoric way. It is nothing but an antic. I think Gary Francione is right when he says such nudity events undermine the seriousness of the movement–which I admit, is fine with me.


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