Human Exceptionalism

St Luke’s To Do the Right Thing

I have just heard from Jerri Ward: St. Luke’s has agreed to continue to provide Andrea Clark life sustaining treatment under the auspices of the new doctor. Here is her letter:

“I want to let you know that St. Luke’s is doing the right thing in this case now. The physician team met with the new attending and it went well. The team is on board and the medical futility procedure has been stopped. For the time being, Andrea will continue to receive life-sustaining and appropriate treatment at St. Luke’s.

St. Luke’s, and the involved physicians, are to be commended for reconsidering and deciding to continue Andrea’s care.”

Hat’s off to Jerri and Andrea’s family for their indomitable defense of the intrinsic worthiness of the life of Andrea Clark. And to those people who cared enough to let the world know that futile care theory is not going to be swallowed without a fight.