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Stem Cell Non Breakthrough: The MSM Refuses to Let the Facts Destroy Their Story Line

Come now the editorialists of the Washington Post, to express the paper’s opinion on the Advanced Cell Technology embryonic stem cell non breakthrough. The trouble is, the Post supports its opinion by totally ignoring the actual facts. The editorial focuses on the Bush Administration’s refusal to simply accept this experiment as a reason to change its ESCR funding policy. It even quotes bioethicist Ronald Green in support of the editorial position–even though Green was dead wrong when he “honestly” claimed that no embryos were harmed in any way in the creation of ACT’s stem cell lines. I guess if a source agrees with the MSM, he can tell blatant falsehoods to reporters faces and still be deemed credible!

And this is the moral of the story: What matters to modern-day journalists isn’t the facts, but the narrative. The MSM narrative in the ESCR debate is that Bush is wrong to limit federal funding. That’s the be all and the end all. In such a fevered state, even the actual facts take a back seat to pushing the desired story line.


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