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Swiss Assisted Suicide Group Investigated for Profiteering

The Swiss Government is investigating the assisted suicide facilitating/tourist host group Dignitas for making money off of helping people make themselves dead. From the story:

Dignitas, which is meant to be a non-profit organisation, is being forced to open its accounts to prosecutors in Switzerland and disclose how much money it is receiving from its controversial business of assisting suicide.

The founder of the group is reported to have become a millionaire by helping at least 870 terminally ill people–an estimated 100 of whom were British–die. It is said to have taken as much as £61,000 from one woman, 10 times its usual fee.

Swiss law allows Dignitas to provide patients with a dose of barbiturate and a room in which their deaths are filmed, to prove they administered the lethal injection. But it remains illegal to help someone die for personal gain.

The money shouldn’t be the issue. The killing should. Besides, if assisted suicide is just a medical treatment–which is belied by a lay group providing the “therapy”–shouldn’t profit be part of the medical enterprise? Oh, right: This is Switzerland, where plants have individual dignity based on their similar molecular makeup with people, the mentally ill have a right to assisted suicide, and there is a growth industry in suicide tourism.


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