Human Exceptionalism

They Caught the Grave Robbing Animal Rights Activists

Three UK animal rights terrorists have admitted to robbing a grave to force a farm family to quit raising guinea pigs for science. This despicable act was the culmination of a campaign of intimidation, threats, false accusations, such as of pedophilia, that did finally force the family to stop selling guinea pigs to research centers.

This is the kind of wild extremism that we face in this country from some animal liberationists, particularly regarding the animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences. But if the tactic of “tertiary targeting”, which pits terrorists against insurance companies, banks, etc. of Huntingdon, in addition to the company itself, is able to put the company six feet under, TT will spread to other animal laboratories and industries, and from there to other issues beyond animal liberation.

Stopping this madness will require strict law enforcement and rejection of the liberationist ideology that fervently believes that humans and animals are moral equals, while embracing the human obligation to treat animals humanely and with proper care.