Human Exceptionalism

They’re Picking on Me Over at the Bioethics.Net Blog

One Summer Johnson takes exception to my SHS post suggesting that egg selling be banned. (Whimper). From his entry:

Somehow it seems unjust to me to ask women to undergo what all acknowledge to be a difficult, painful, and for some women risky process to donate eggs–whether for altruistic or other reasons–and at least not compensate her for her time and on some sort of model of “hazard pay”. So explain this argument to me, Mr. Egg Man, why is it okay to ask women to undertake the health risks for no pay, yet compensation for time or effort would be so horrible as to recommending banning the practice?

That may be because he is a member of the buying class and apparently believes it is acceptable for women to risk their health and fertility so that cloning researchers can do their thing. Moreover, in an egg market, those who would sell would tend to be poor and those who would buy would be rich; but only the poor would suffer the health consequences. My intent is to avoid exploitation of the weak by the powerful. Seems obvious to me, but then, I don’t have a Ph.D.