Human Exceptionalism

Time for Peaceful Animal Liberationists to Speak Up

El Paso professor Steven Best continues to urge animal liberationists to engage in lawlessness and intimidation on behalf of “animal liberation.” Once again, he analogizes animal husbandry to human slavery: “We are abolitionists. We don’t want to reform them [vivisectionist companies], we want to wipe them off the face of the earth. We will fight, and die if necessary, to free the slaves.” If he succeeds and destroys medical researchers ability or willingness to conduct animal testing in medical research, it would cause untold human suffering by preventing the development of efficacious treatments.

The increasing radical nature of the animal liberation movement and its seeming inability to distinguish between truly evil acts perpetrated against humans and the humane and proper use of animals, betrays a woeful moral obtuseness that is truly disturbing. More on this soon in an extended article, with special attention once again having to be paid to the zealots at PETA.